Solving Bucks Countys Problems
The Marriage and Family Resource Center (MFRC) is Buck’s County’s most effective clinical and forensic psychology practice with over 30 years of experience. The psychologists of MFRC have developed a cutting-edge program, rewriting the book on effective psychotherapy. This treatment program recognizes that therapy is more complicated than solving immediate problems, and have learned through experience that diagnosis is just the first step in successful treatment. In order to effectively enact long-term change, patients need to be educated on how to make good lifestyle choices in the future, instead of focusing on past mistakes.

MFRC director Joan Aimee Feinstein, brings a unique perspective to problems; she is both a doctoral level psychologist and an attorney. From psychological problems to financial problems, Joan and the dedicated therapists and attorneys at the Marriage and Family Resource Center can help you. Email us today to set up your consultation!